Swiftwater Safety and Humanitarian Response GDRN PROGRAM

In October 2018, Mountain River collaborate with Human DRT Team lead by Puan Azura Ibrahim for  conducting a Swiftwater Safety and Humanitarian Responce for GLC Disaster Response Networking(GDRN) organised bt TM(M) Berhad. This course purposely to prepare a team from GLC company such as TM Berhad, Pharmaniaga, Aziata etc staff to response for humanitarian mission especially flood during monsoon. As an added value to participants, the course also invovled Basic Life Saving(BLS) that been conducted by En. Abdullah Md Said from Aquaputra Life Saving. This program also been supported by National Disaster Management(NADMA), Jabatan Penyelamat dan Bomba Malaysia(JPBM), Angkatan Pertahanan Awam(APM), Volunteer Malaysia and also other gornvernment agencies.