Mountain River is a unique enterprise which was specially established to campaign on experiential learning, outdoor training, adventure pursuits, and event planning, to name a few. Our mission is to introduce new ideas to those in need of finding the best solution available for their people and organisation. We believe in working with nature as a medium to bring out the best feature and characteristic of human potential, value, advantage and strength.

Since its inception, we are proud to acknowledge engagements which include outdoor adventure programs, skill competency programs as well as personal character and team building programs. We tailor our programs to closely project the needs and objectives of our clients benefiting from natural resources for an incomparable priceless experience.

With mounts of knowledge and experience, we believe that we can provide our clients with a fresh and fun input towards fulfilling organisational requirement and specification. A day of creative venture may proof to be superior in instilling the much needed value of an enterprising organisation. Come experience our program first hand to give your people and organisation the superior edge.


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