One of the Mountain River main products were in Training and Education program either outdoor or indoor program. The program offer were suit from corporate until a school children. The program are :

1. Team Effectiveness Program/Team Building Program

  • Suitable for corporate clients to enhance their team performance. It can be conduct as in outdoor or indoor setting.

2. Outdoor Pursuits Certification

Mountain River offer outdoor certification that involved water and land accredited and recognized by professional body such as:

  • Kayak Star 1 and 2 certification from MBOCE under MASCA
  • National Challenge Rope Course(NCRC) Level 1 and 2 certification from PJRM
  • Outdoor Recreation Certification(Outrec) Level 1 and 2 certification from PJRM
  • High Rope Course Inspector Type A and B certification from MCCA
  • Swiftwater Rescue from MBOCE
  • ECSI Wilderness First Aids
  • ECSI Standard First Aid and AED
  • Bronze Medallion
Note :
MBOCE - Malaysia Board of Canoe Education
MASCA - Malaysia Canoe Association
MCCA - Malaysia Challenge Course Association
PJRM - Persatuan Jurulatih Rekreasi Malaysia

3. Character Building Program

  • The program that focus on enhancing individual character as a part of the team.

4. Experiential Learning Circle Program

  • We use this models to develop a team or an individual as a method in outdoor education.